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Is it best to Shop at a Specialty Shoe Store?

By Jeff Schmelz

What exactly is a specialty shoe store? A specialty shoe store carries shoes that are of a higher quality and specificity than those you would find at a big box retailer. It also means we offer a level of service you will not receive at a big box store. Why is this important? Dash Sports specializes in helping individuals who are experiencing issues with their feet while running, walking or just in daily life.

At Dash Sports we perform a detailed gait analysis and shoe fitting to find the right shoe for everyone. Being fit in a shoe that best suits your feet and needs may help relieve pain and avoid further injury. Our goal is to find the right shoes to suit your specific needs and goals. Whether you have foot pain, are an athlete or are just on your feet for an extended period each day the proper shoe is essential.

When you purchase shoes on line or at a big box store, you probably aren’t getting the best shoe for your feet and your lifestyle. You’re feet may have grown since your last measurement so you could end up with a pair of shoes that feel good in the store, but don’t actually fit well when you get home.

In my 28 years’ experience I am often asked what the best shoe is? There is no best shoe. The best shoe is going to be different for each person. There is no best shoe for walking or running. There is no best shoe for a man or a woman. Every foot is different as are every client’s needs, goals, and feet. We take our time during your custom fitting to find the right shoe for your feet and what you are trying to accomplish. It is the combination of the quality products we offer, and this detailed process that makes a specialty store your best bang for the buck.

Want to study up on different brands before you come into the store? Check out this article: https://www.runnersworld.com/gear/a20865766/best-stability-running-shoes/.

Ready to try on some shoes? Stop in any time during regular hours and one of our dedicated experts will get you fitted in a new pair of shoes! You can also check out our online store at: https://godashsports.com/shop/.

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