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Live actively in comfort with Dash Sports

Sport Shoes for Everyone in Central Florida

At Dash Sports, we believe that a new pair of running shoes that fit you properly can make a significant difference in your life and health. Whether you are walking or running for fitness, uncomfortable in your daily shoes or need shoes for work, we have the ideal sport shoes to meet your needs and the staff to help you find them.

The shoes we stock, including options from New Balance and Hoka, are meticulously designed to provide the perfect balance between comfort and support. We understand that every person is unique and so are their foot shape, stride and needs. We offer a wide range of shoes, sizes, and footwear to help you to be comfortable living your most active life, from your first step in the morning to your last step of the day.

Take the first step toward healthier living

Experience the Precision of Custom Shoe Fittings

Embrace the Dash Sports difference with our Custom Shoe Fitting service. This personalized approach is designed to help you find running, walking, work or everyday shoes that are not merely comfortable but are picked out to fit your unique foot shape, walking or running style, and specific foot needs. Do you have bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, neuromas, or other foot pain? Dash Sports can help you find your next pair of shoes.

In a world where one-size-fits-all is the norm, we break the mold, providing you with a shoe fitting experience that is as unique as you are. We begin the Custom Shoe Fitting process with a detailed assessment of you and your needs and finish with you in a pair of comfortable shoes.

Exceptional Care and Expert Shoe Fitting

Training Shoes Trusted by Podiatrist's in Clermont, FL

“Have ankle, knee, or lower pack pain? This is the place for you!  I went in with low expectations after being referred by my orthopedic doctor due to ongoing foot pain. The Dash team assessed my feet and had me walk around the store in a variety of shoes. I walked out with new walking shoes and other items to help correct my step.  It’s been 2 weeks now and I feel the difference! Very helpful staff and worth the trip to Clermont.”

Mitch Davis

Excellent5.0 Based on 328 reviews from review us onIsmael Russe IIIIsmael Russe III ★★★★★ I came into Dash Sports new to running. My original interaction was pleasent and left me with the satisfaction to return for future purchases. However, it was my return experience thatt really left me with a feeling of absolute astonishment.Upon utilizing my new shoes, I started to experience a lot of pain that I contributed to being a new runner. I happened to pass by the store after buying the shoes and spoke to Kimberly about what I was experiencing, ooking for something to help remedy the pain. Without hesitation, she advised me to return with the shoes I purchased and the ones I used to run in.The next day I returned and Kimberly was with another customer, so I was greeted by Nik. I explained what I was experiencing and he took the time to go into every detail about why I was feeling that way and the reason why a different show would be a better option. He really took the time to try multiple shoes, explain the benefits of each shoe, and made the whole interaction very pleasent for a new runner. While he was working with me, Kimberly continued to check in and make sure we were doing OK.Fast forward an hour and I walked out with a different pair of shoes that felt like I was running on a cloud. I went into Dash looking to make a purchase that would remedy the pain and walked out with a different pair that left me excited to go on my next run.My take away, is that if you are looking for excellent customer service, a great selection, and wonderful people, look no further than Dash Sports. Not only did I feel like a customer that has been going there for years, I felt like they truly cared and sometimes, especially in today's market, you just don't get that anymore. I said it once and I'll say it again...thank you Kimberly and Nik! I'll be back soon with my wife for the next pair.Cathy HartmanCathy Hartman ★★★★★ Through the last few years, I have purchased five pairs of running shoes from Dash Sports. The shoes fit like a glove on my feet, resulting in many first place finishes in numerous 5K races. Dash Sports makes you feel like you are part of their family, and they are totally committed in serving you. The 5K races which Dash Sports host are always so much fun! They are truly a blessing to our community!Barbara GrovesBarbara Groves ★★★★★ Michelle was friendly, professional & very knowledgeable about shoes & helped me pick the best shoe for my lifestyle. I highly recommend Dash!Donna CampbellDonna Campbell ★★★★★ This was first my first visit at Dash Sports and Michelle was a wonderful sales person and was very helpful helping me to find the perfect shoes. Love this store.Bubba BerryBubba Berry ★★★★★ I'm an avid power walker in my 70's. I have been having a terrible time with my toes bruising and nails coming off. The staff took the time to discuss how I walked and corrections that would help my feet and toes. They measured my feet then brought out shoes that are best for the way I walk and eliminate my aching feet issue. They taught me how to tie the Runners Loop so my shoes will not slip up and down on my heel. I would give them a 10 our of 5 they were so good. Made a big difference in my walks.Debra JacobyDebra Jacoby ★★★★★ We love Dash Sports! You don’t have to be a runner to go to DashSports. My husband was wearing the expensive inserts but after getting the proper fit with the proper shoe, he no longer needs the inserts. Great service and very patient with making sure you get the right shoe and the right fit.Michael AmatoMichael Amato ★★★★★ Visited the store on Saturday 11/4/23. Michelle and Jeff were outstanding. Michelle helped my wife select shoes that were appropriate for her and Jeff spent about 30 minutes with me. We both purchased shoes based upon their recommendation. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and explained things so clearly. We highly recommend the store and the staff. So much better than blindly shopping for shoes in a big box retailer. Shop local!George DaughertyGeorge Daugherty ★★★★★ After reading reviews and walking by this place often since I reside in Clermont, I walked in and asked for Beth due to seeing her name in so many positive reviews. Luckily she was there to greet me and was incredible in her service to help me correct my shoe issues. I’ve been shoe searching for years, due to having Type 2 and also being heavier. I’m active and love walking and running, but shoes I have, have given me major trouble to the point where I walked into DASH wearing crocs. The only “shoe” that didn’t cause me pain or discomfort. I expressed my medical history, what I intended to do with the shoes, my issues with other shoes and overall concerns and Beth was so helpful in not only letting me know how I walk, but also letting me know why certain shoes just do not work on my feet. She got me set up in an Altra, in a size 11.5 with an Ortho insert that protects my foot and lets me walk with confidence. I’m not tripping over my feet due to incorrect sizing, and I’m not experiencing any weird issues like fabric rubbing my foot or the numbness I’ve experienced with my previous shoes. It really does make all the difference to seek a professional and have them help you. I’ve wore my shoes all day that I purchased and have moved around freely and comfortable and have zero complaints. They are exactly how I have always wanted my shoes to fit. I just didn’t haven’t the correct knowledge to find the fit. DASH is an amazing addition to the Clermont community and I highly recommend anyone looking for shoes, advice, or a friendly smile to check this place out. They will treat you right. Thank you, DASH! Really glad I shopped local. There is just a certain feel here you have to walk in to experience. Stores like this are the foundation of great communities. Go see why!Barbara Garrett AlbrightBarbara Garrett Albright ★★★★★ Michelle waited on us and was very helpful and cheerful and pleasant to work with. I'm very happy with my Brooks shoes.Erin PendergastErin Pendergast ★★★★★ We arrived about 10 minutes before closing but they never make us feel like they were trying to close and rush us out of there. She took her time, evaluated my walk (I pronate only on one foot apparently) and found shoes that fit me well to start my running adventure.js_loader

Unraveling the Shoelace

Your Sport Shoes FAQs

Yes! It's what we do every day! We do recommend going to a podiatrist for chronic pain. But we can help you find the most comfortable footwear for general feet soreness, plantar fasciitis, bunions, etc.


From trail running essentials to the highest quality running shoes, we’re your one stop shop for all your athletic needs.

We carry a wide variety of brands like Maurten, Gu, Clif, Honey Stinger, Skratch, Tailwind and more.

Our expansive selection of supportive sandals includes a variety of best seller brands like Maurten, Gu, Clif, Honey Stinger, Skratch, and Tailwind.

It helps us assess your needs best if you bring in the shoes you are currently using as running shoes, for exercising, or working in. Plus any other pairs of your favorite shoes, so that we can assess the wear patterns and the construction of them.

And if you bring socks that you normally wear we can see if those need to be improved, and helps us get the exact best fit. (but if you forget your socks we have clean try on pairs 🙂

No, you do not need to because we normally have enough staff, but if you do want to let us know more about your needs before you get here you can share your information here.

Our busiest times are midday during the week and Saturdays and Sundays.

We hope to see you soon!

A shoe fitting usually takes 20-40 minutes.

Superior Quality and Innovation

Step into Dash Sports

Visit our store and immerse yourself in a world dedicated to runners. Experience firsthand our range of meticulously designed running shoes, interact with our passionate team, and experience our custom shoe fitting service.

Store Hours

Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sunday: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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